Rebecca joined the 11Alive team as a Multimedia Journalist in April of 2012.

When I was 30, I counted all of the places I had lived and realized I had packed up my belongings and moved more times than I was old. I'd lived in Texas, Kentucky, Washington, Arizona, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Georgia. You could add Colorado and New Mexico if you counted my time in Americorps' National Civilian Community Corps. (I won't list all of the cities from each state... or my time studying overseas!) The great thing, is each move brought a new adventure and I know Atlanta isn't finished with me yet.

People always ask me to describe my favorite story. I can't. I've had the opportunity to interview several US Presidents, movie stars and corporate executives, and count myself even more fortunate to have interviewed so many hard working, compassionate members of the local community who have welcomed me into normally private moments in their lives. I have a passion for investigative journalism, acting as a watchdog to expose corruption and hold those in power accountable. I've worked in news, public broadcasting and have even produced a few hour long documentaries.

But I truly believe life isn't just about work. My husband and I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, skiing, photography and any trip that gives us an excuse to do one of those things. But don't get me wrong, sometimes the best treat is just sitting at home, curled up with my family watching a good movie. Any suggestions?

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