Vinnie Politan is the host of The Late Feed at 11pm on 11Alive. Vinnie joined 11Alive in the summer of 2014 as anchor for Atlanta Alive, and has been living in metro Atlanta with his family since 2009. Vinnie is a lawyer who worked as a prosecutor, civil litigator and labor lawyer.

Prior to his arrival at 11Alive, Vinnie worked for 5 years at CNN in Atlanta. He hosted a variety of shows including coverage of the nation’s biggest trials on In Session and HLN. Vinnie was on the ground in Orlando when Casey Anthony was set free. He was also on the air as the jury in Sanford , Florida set George Zimmerman free and when the jurors in Maricopa County, Arizona convicted murderer Jodi Arias.

Prior to moving to Georgia, Vinnie was a long time anchor and correspondent for Court TV. While working for the network, Vinnie had a front row seat for the Scott Peterson Trial, the Robert Blake verdict, the Kobe Bryant preliminary hearing, and was on the air when Michael Jackson was found not guilty.

Subscribers to Sirius XM radio may also remember Vinnie’s highly rated morning show, “Me & Vinnie,” which ran until Vinnie began hosting 3 shows for the CNN Networks.

Vinnie’s career in journalism began at Channel 10 News in New Jersey. Vinnie was a reporter/anchor for the nightly news and also hosted a weekly talk show. After Channel 10, Vinnie moved to Orlando as reporter and weekend anchor for Central Florida News 13. Vinnie was an integral part of the Election 2000 coverage reporting from both the Democrat and Republican conventions. He was also on the air for all the counts, recounts and hanging chads in the Sunshine State.

When he is not on the air or in the courts, you will likely find Vinnie on the courts. Vinnie enjoys reliving his high school glory days on the hardwood, playing hoops at the Dunwoody JCC. He also has picked up tennis as a metro resident.

The rest of Vinnie’s time is spent with his wife and 3 children.

Vinnie’s motto in life can be found in the Italian proverb passed down to each generation since his great grandfather Vincenzo landed on Ellis Island in 1900… “Sempre Avanti” …always ahead!