Late-night television host Samantha Bee took aim at a Georgia judge who was the subject of an 11Alive investigation.

In this week's Full Frontal episode, which debuted Wednesday night on TBS, Bee devoted more than 7 minutes of her half-hour show on Georgia State Rep. Johnnie Caldwell (R-Thomaston).

In large part, the segment focused on Caldwell's time as a state judge, including allegations that he harassed a female attorney in his courtroom.

Included in Bee's piece was part of 11Alive Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe's story, in which the attorney alleged Caldwell “leaned in to give me a hug and crammed his tongue in my mouth."

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(Warning: Samantha Bee's segment contains very adult language and is definitely NSFW)

The woman also said “If I wanted an order signed in my favor…I needed to come to his office…and take down my pants and at least let him look at it if I wasn’t going to let him touch it.”

Those allegations eventually led to the end of Caldwell's time as judge. He abruptly stepped down, writing in his resignation letter to the governor that he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren.

Bee used colorful language in commenting on Caldwell's resignation.

"First of all, 'I want to spend more time with my grandchildren,' is politician for 'I'm guilty as [expletive]," Bee said. "No grown-[expletive] man is trying to quit his job to play Lego."

As Keefe's investigation showed, Caldwell successfully ran for public office as a state representative three times, a fact that astonished Bee. (Check her comments at around 4:51 in this video -- they're a little too graphic for this site).

Bee spent some time urging someone in Georgia to run against Caldwell in the next election. She also featured segments of another Keefe investigation which showed how Caldwell helped keep a Spalding County Sheriff’s Office sex scandal secret.

Bee noted that in Georgia's last election, more than 80% of candidates ran unopposed.

"Georgia, what the [expletive]?," Bee asked. "Look, I might be an out-of-touch matcha latte-drinking, beard-sporting New Yorker, but I think Georgians would agree with me that Johnnie Caldwell Jr. is a total creep who shouldn't be making laws, and perhaps one of them would like to challenge him in a primary. Because I refuse to believe that Georgia's 131st contains more people who've been sexually harrassed by Caldwell than people who are willing to run against him."

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This wasn't the first time that "Full Frontal" has used 11Alive stories in its segments. Last year, Bee featured portions of a story from 11Alive's Duffie Dixon on the battle of passing legislation for rape kit testing. Fellow former Daily Show alum John Oliver also used portions of a Keefe investigation into the broken 911 system on his HBO show.