To our Jeopardy viewers:

As you saw last night, WXIA/11Alive mistakenly aired last Monday’s Jeopardy episode instead of the episode that was scheduled for Monday, 11/21. We take full responsibility for this error, and regret the interruption of what has been an amazing Teen Tournament.

Tonight (Tuesday, November 22), our sister station, WATL (Comcast #813, Charter #701), will air last night’s correct Jeopardy episode at 7 p.m. Then, turn to WXIA at 730 p.m. and watch the finale of this season’s Jeopardy Teen Tournament.

To find WATL from your local provider:
Over-the-air/Broadcast: 36
Comcast: Channel 13/813
Charter: 3/701
AT&T Uverse: 36
Google Fiber: 36

DirecTV: 36
Dish Network: 36