Move over Nicki Minaj -- Blue Ivy just made her rap debut on her dad's latest album and she's bringing some seriously cute heat.

The physical version of Jay-Z’s 13th studio album was released on Friday, but 4:44 has been available for the past week through the digital streaming service, Tidal.

Little did the fans know, though, Jay-Z saved a special song from the already triple platinum album, featuring the surprise guest artist.

Miss Blue Ivy Carter lays down a few bars on a bonus track titled “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family." The 5-year-old freestyles over a catchy beat for about one minute, and it immediately got the Internet buzzing, asking is she the next “Queen of Rap”?

Here are a few of the reactions gathered from the newly minted “Ivy League.”

Y'all not even ready.....

— Truth hurts (@Jasamgurlie) July 7, 2017

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