ATLANTA -- Atlanta’s own Migos, says they're “no overnight success,” despite the what critics might think.

The group's hit "Bad and Boujee" topped the Billboard 100 chart.

Though many attribute the group’s rise in popularity to the shout out from “Atlanta” show creator and star, Donald Glover, the group said they’ve been successful, citing the popularity of past songs.

Group member Offset said the group doesn’t feel any pressure to go mainstream or tweak their image after the mega success of single “Bad and Boujee.”

"No pressure to go mainstream - we’re in the trap - the trap goes mainstream. You don’t have to switch up, you be who you are. They’re gonna accept us,” Offset said ahead of the group's Thursday night performance at the Atlanta Hawks game.

If there were ever any questions about what “that way” really means, what is Culture, and where in north Atlanta are the group members are from, the Migos explained it all.