Patrick looks at the economic perils of smoking and where Atlanta lands on the list of America’s most active cities.

We all know smoking can wreak havoc on your lungs, but it appears to do a number on our economy.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking related illness in the U.S. costs more than $300 billion annually.

About $170 billion of that amount goes to direct medical care for adults.

Add to that over $156 billion in lost productivity and another $5.6 billion in lost productivity courtesy of second hand smoke and it’s clear to see the U.S. burns through massive amounts of money to treat the negative effects of a multi-billion dollar tobacco industry.

There’s a side effect occurring as people flock back to the core of Atlanta in form of more activity.

People will likely walk more, bike more and find themselves out and about on their feet rather than in a car.

Patrick pulls apart a study that reveals where Atlanta ranks on the list of most active cities in America.