Metro Atlanta employers unveil staffing plans for the holiday season and the local hotel industry reports record occupancy numbers.

A good number of people are choosing to skip the crowded malls and big box stores and do their shopping online.

Each year e-commerce eats into the market share of traditional brick and mortar retailers and employers have to adjust their staffing to accommodate the needs of customers.

Holiday hiring is up this year, however job roles are different.

Instead of working as a cashier or sales person at a department store, many employees will find themselves working in shipping departments and fulfillment divisions.

The local hotel industry is experiencing its own evolution as new hotels are in some phase of construction.

An uptick in tourism has brought many visitors to the area.

Corporate relocations and a burgeoning film industry make Atlanta a hotbed for business activities.

All of these factors have hotel owners smiling as occupancy rates increase and room rates trend higher.