The swelling Atlanta population comprises one half of this edition of By The Numbers. Patrick Crosby also pulls some discouraging stats about workplace equity for women.

Metro Atlanta is currently experiencing a great migration of new residents. The Atlanta Regional Commission has developed a forecast model called Series 15.

Based on its model, the agency anticipates that by the year 2040, there will be 8 million people in the 20-county region and about 4 million jobs. That translates into an annual growth rate of 1.5% over the next 25 years.

Although considered strong, that number is below historical trends. The average annual regional population growth rate between the 1950s and the 2000s was 3%.

The city may be growing, but opportunities for women to reach executive leadership positions are not. A 2015 Gallup Work and Education survey found 12% of women say they have been passed over for a promotion or other opportunity because of their gender at some point in their life. Fifteen percent said this in 2013.

By contrast, 5% of employed men, versus 8% two years ago, believe that being male has ever hindered their advancement.

Patrick dives deeper into the issue by providing a regional snapshot on women’s workplace equity in Georgia.