There was a time where if you lived in Atlanta and shot pictures either as a professional or an amateur, then Wolf Camera was the go to spot for all your photography needs.

Chuck Wolf owned and operated hundreds of stores in metro Atlanta and across the southeast region.

You were just as likely to see Chuck Wolf on a TV pitching the latest and greatest in photo wares, as you were to open a newspaper and find him in an ad touting a two for one sale on prints.

But the times changed, and digital technology with its advances in the capture and storage of media, quickly ate into the market share of traditional chemical and film photography.

Soon, many of Wolf Camera stores began to shutter operations.

The costly acquisition of a rival competitor proved to be too little, too late.

Digital would dominate and Chuck Wolf’s photo services would fade away.

Watch our exclusive interview with this marketing maverick and discover how he's managed to find second life in the business he loves best.