Name: Luigi Ray-Montanez

Title: Organizer

Company Name: Code for Atlanta

Founded: January 2014

Website/App Link:

Give us the pitch.

Code for Atlanta is an all-volunteer group of civic hackers working on civic-minded, social good tech projects.

How did the idea to create an early voting website start?

One of our organizers, Shawn Taylor, realized that figuring out where and when to vote early was more complicated than it had to be. The first version of the tool was a simple web map for metro Atlanta counties, and that was eventually expanded to a mobile web app for all of Georgia. Members of the Code for Atlanta community helped Shawn develop and test the app at our Civic Hack Nights, which we hold twice per month.

How does the program work?

The mobile web app is available at It's accessible on any device.

What’s the vision for the GA Early Voting site?

This early voting tool puts voters first. It was built recognizing that most people want to access this information through their phones, and want a quick and easy way to figure out their nearby early voting locations.

How are you funded?

Code for Atlanta is funded by sponsorships from local tech companies. We built tools and apps

What's next for the early voting site? Any plans to go beyond Georgia?

Code for Atlanta is part of the larger Code for America network of local civic hacking groups throughout the country. After this election, we'll talk with our peers in other cities to share what we've learned and help them get their own sites set up.

What about Code for Atlanta? What other projects are you working on that is gaining some ground?

Code for Atlanta is working with MARTA on a year-long series of hackathons. The goal is to increase ridership and improve the rider experience.

We've also built a tool that helps anyone create a web map by simply filling out a Google Spreadsheet.

We're currently working on one project around national crime statistics, and another project for generating campus safety maps.

How can people get involved with Code for ATL?

Code for Atlanta meets twice a month for Civic Hack Night. We welcome everyone, not just coders. All our events are listed on our Meetup page: