It's a childhood game that many of us know and love. But when's the last time you played UNO?

When Atlanta Hawk's player Kent Bazemore is not making plays on the court, you can find him busy with his ARMS Foundation, and once a year, he holds a tournament to play the colorful card game.

On Friday evening, he hosted his 2nd annual celebrity UNO Tournament.

According to the foundation's website, the goal is to help deserving youth at Bellwood Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta, the YMCA in Bazemore's hometown of Bertie, North Carolina and the First Tee of Hampton Roads Up Center, where he attended college at ODU.

The UNO Tournament brought people together of all ages to play the childhood game while raising money for a good cause. Bazemore told 11Alive about his aspirations of bettering communities.

"It's a good way to get people out, have a little fun and raise some money," he said. "(I'm) Head over heels about my foundation. I really love education. I have two degrees in college so, I really think without those I wouldn't be here."

Along with the UNO Tournament the ARMS Foundations also hosts a Celebrity Golf Classic which will be held on Monday and basketball camps.

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