From diabetic items to dog food, a van has been packed full of donations - and it's heading for Texas.

"There's baby clothing, formula, water, diapers, canned goods," Dave Lockin said.

With a former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer sitting in Lockin's Lilburn backyard, his wife Jenny got an idea: donate his trailer to a charity in need.

She posted an ad to Craigslist and vetted the responses.

"There was a couple of people who responded that didn't quite answer the questions right," Dave said.

But Dale Schwab of Dallas did and was given the large trailer and a lot of hope for Harvey victims - and other victims of disasters.

"People that's been through storms, tornados, fires or whatever - they have lost everything," Schwab said. "We can put them up in here two weeks, a month or whatever they need to get back on their feet."

With a friend in tow, he left Dallas Friday night at 8 p.m. pulling up to the Lockin's house around 10 a.m. the next day. An organization he's a part of collected donations for his trip.

"Because they came up with $316," Schwab said. "John 3:16 says, 'God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son'."

Meanwhile, Lockin's coworkers at Hennessy and his neighbors also decided to chip in, donating many items to hurricane victims.

"I started talking to people coming to Dallas - most of them are staying in shelters - started interviewing them and see who you can help," Schwab said.

"It's the human connection that brings out the best in a lot of folks," Lockin said. "It makes us feel like we know what we've done. There's a person on the other end who'll make good use of it."