MESA, Ariz. - This past weekend, on Sept. 3rd, Kristen McBride Cooley gave birth to Everly Muriel Cooley - a birth that added to a family tradition.

"Everly was born on Sept. 3rd. I was born on Sept. 3rd. My mom was born on Sept. 3rd. My grandma was born on Sept. 3rd, and my great-grandpa was born on Sept. 3rd," said Kristen, who is the fourth generation.

The birth of Everly this past weekend marked five generations born on Sept. 3rd.

It all started 115 years ago with Lawrence Elijah Hancock, born September 3, 1902 in Arizona Territory.

Then 87 years ago, Muriel Miller Hancock was born on Sept. 3rd, followed by Jan Hancock McBride 63 years ago on Sept. 3rd, and 35 years ago, Jan gave birth to Kristen on Sept. 3rd and it was captured by none other than 12 News.

“I don't know how it happened, but the phone rang and it was Channel 12 saying they wanted to come film a story," Jan said. "We didn't have cell phones, so I couldn't get a hold of my mom but they filmed me and it was really exciting because I had never been on the news."

The question is, is it coincidence or planned?

“They all came naturally, all five of us came on that day," Jan said. "We think we had heavenly help for her, from her great-grandma. She was probably saying just wait a few more days."

Only time will tell, if this family can make a run for six generations of Sept. 3rd birthdays, but for now, they are enjoying the newest addition to the tradition-filled-family.

"She is truly a blessing for our family," Kristen said.