CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. -- One lucky horse is back on dry land after rescuers were able to free it from swampy waters Monday morning.

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services' Large Animal Rescue Team responded to the area of the 1400 block of Fletcher Drive in northeastern Cherokee County around 10:30 Monday morning.

When they got to there, they saw the horse stuck in a patch of muddy water on its owner's property with only its head and back sticking out.

PHOTOS | Crew rescues horse stuck in muddy waters

The team got to work trying to free the horse by first placing walking boards around the its body so they could attach a harness. But because of the muck, there was too much suction. To help, the team piped air around the horse and worked to free it.

After nearly two hours, firefighters were finally able to harness it and pull it out of the water onto a large mat. A veterinarian checked out the horse and rescuers stayed with it until it was able to stand on all fours.

Officials said the horse was reunited with its owners and is in stable condition.