Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta's Red Brick Brewing have announced an overall partnership along with a new variety of beer.

Whale Shark Wheat celebrates Georgia Aquarium's marquee specimen -- the endangered whale shark. A portion of the sales of Whale Shark Wheat will go toward Georgia Aquarium's whale shark conservation efforts -- including international whale shark research ventures and research equipment, including satellite tags.

“It is a unique experience to be able to enjoy a craft beer while at the same time contributing to conservation efforts,” said Dr. Alistair Dove, vice president of research and conservation at Georgia Aquarium in a statement. “This local partnership will have an important global impact in the important research we are doing with whale sharks.”

“Sustainability is an important thing to us and the craft beer industry in general,” said Red Brick's president and brewmaster Garett Lockhart. “It’s great to partner with Georgia Aquarium on something that will raise funds for conservation efforts across the world.”

Georgia Aquarium is the Western Hemisphere's largest aquarium, and Red Brick is Atlanta's oldest operating brewery. Georgia Aquarium has conducted whale shark research around the world, and works to learn more about the world's biggest fish and endeavors to help conservation efforts all over the world.

Red Brick continues its overall efforts to be an environmentally responsible brewery. In 2014, the company announced its decision to move from bottles to cans for its entire line of its core and seasonal brews. Aluminum cans are durable and more easily recycled than other beverage containers.

Whale Shark Wheat launches Friday, June 2 with a public event at Red Brick Brewing Company's facilities on Defoor Hills Road in northwest Atlanta. Guests will be able to sample the brew, tour the Red Brick Brewery, enjoy food from the Peace of Pita food truck and have a chance to win a Journey with Gentle Giants swim with whale sharks program at Georgia Aquarium. Whale Shark Wheat will be in selected stores beginning Monday, June 5.