SMYRNA, Ga. -- What if there was a magic recipe to help pregnant women past their due date speed up the process?

One Georgia restaurant claims its famed eggplant Parmesan can do just that and will help induce labor.

Sound too good to be true? TODAY Food spoke to the manager of Scalini's restaurant in Smyrna, Rober Bogino, who said the restaurant has pretty convincing evidence.

Bogino told the outlet that the legendary dish has helped more than 1,000 women go into labor -- the restaurant even has its own section on the website (and an entire wall of photos at the restaurant) devoted to "Eggplant babies!"

Dozens of testimonies attest to the magic of the dish -- several say after eating the Parmesan, they were cradling new bundles of joy soon after (give or take a few days). Bogino even told TODAY Food that a couple women a year have reportedly gone into labor before they even got their check.

TODAY Food reports that as many as six women travel to Scalini's, hoping to push the process along. They're all asked to sign the "baby book," and if their new arrival debuts within 48 hours, there's a free T-shirt and $25 gift card waiting.

But, as expected, it doesn't work for every mom-to-be. A few reported not feeling a thing after eating the dish -- however, all say it was still delicious. And while not everyone can travel to Scalini's to enjoy the eggplant Parmesan in-person, the restaurant has posted the famed recipe on their website.

As for why it works, that's still up for debate. However, Bogino says it has to do with the special mix of enzymes in the eggplant, herbs, spices and those extra-large portions.

"Of course," Bogino added, "you have to believe a little bit, too."

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