ATLANTA -- Do you really need an excuse to go grab a burger? Probably not. But a new list of best burgers in the country is giving you a great reason to do exactly that if you live in metro Atlanta.

And you’ll be happy to know that not one but four of the best burgers in the United States are in Atlanta according to a list compiled by Thrillist contributor Kevin Alexander.

Alexander actually traveled the country over the course of a year to down 330 burgers. And out of those, he was happy to add four of them to his best of the “Burger Quest” list.

The first was a regular favorite among burger lists in metro Atlanta. Alexander hit up Bocado in West Midtown and placed it at 93 on his list.

When the original ATL story came out, I received some criticism for getting this burger "Westside-Style." Don't listen to those haters! Get one of Atlanta's best signature stacks the left coast way and you shall be rewarded.

Another infamous burger on this list at number 75 is The Ghetto Burger from Ann’s Snack Bar. If you’re looking for a burger with a big local following, this is definitely the place for you. Here’s what the list has to say:

SO MANY RULES. But once you obey Ann's eight rules, you get rewarded with a double cheeseburger topped with chili, bacon, grilled onions, and the satisfaction of knowing you've just eaten one of America's legendary burgers.

Moving up to mid-way on the list is “The Meatstick” from One Eared Stag ranked at 55. For Alexander, it’s all about the balance:

There is bacon in this patty, and it will offer up a saltiness that could seem overwhelming, if not for the great balance provided by the bread & butter pickles, secret sauce, and the tang of thinly sliced white onions. Also, it’s called the Meatstick.

And the final stop on this glorious burger Atlanta tour that made it on the list almost cracked to Top 10 for best burgers in the country. Yes, the great burger with the simple name is the “Burger Stack” from Fred’s Meat and Bread. It comes in at number 13.

Atlanta is the king of the burger "stack," which is basically an upscale version of a thin patty double burger popularized in the mid-aughts by Holeman & Finch. And everyone in Atlanta throws their hat in the burger stack ring. So what makes the perfection that is Fred's stack all the more infuriating is that burgers aren't even the sole focus of the menu. They've got lots of delicious foodstuffs and all of them are so damn good. They're like the Deion Sanders of the burger world, and I DON'T EVEN CARE IF THAT DOESN'T TOTALLY ADD UP.