NEWNAN, Ga. – The big day finally arrived for the Miller quadruplets!

On December 16, Brayden, Bryant, Brandon and Kenlee Miller turned one after being born at 30 weeks.

The three boys and one girl, were the talk of the town after their birth because they were conceived naturally, without the use of any fertility drugs, something so rare that the odds are only one in 700,000.

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Since being home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in February, they have been busy! Mom Kourtney Miller said the four are crawling and getting into everything.

Each Miller also has their own personality. Kourtney said Brandon is very shy while Brayden is always happy and content. Bryant is the troublemaker and always up to something while Kenlee, the lone girl, is the princess!

She said big brother Bentlee has been a big help with his younger siblings. He’s always picking up after them and said he’s tired of changing diapers. (We don’t blame you Bentlee!)

Happy birthday Millers!

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