Parents of the slimy, the furry and the slithering in Atlanta appear to have it pretty good when it comes to caring for and keeping their pets happy.

Atlanta ranked ninth on the list of most pet-friendly cities, beating out few coming in a tie with Las Vegas. Scottsdale, Arizona grabbed the top spot, followed by another Arizona city, Phoenix.

The rankings by WalletHub are based off access to pet-related care and not necessarily based on how much owners love their pets (though we're sure every city in America would claim their city is top). According to WalletHub, the cost of owning a pet these days can set you back anywhere from $227 to more than $2,000, depending on the type of animals. Thanks to some key factors, Atlanta landed in the top 10.

In order to determine the rankings, WalletHub compared the "creature-friendliness" of the 100 largest cities across 21 key metrics. Some of those metrics include pet-care provider rates, pet businesses per capita and walkability.

Here's Atlanta's rankings on a few of those metrics, with 1 being most pet friendly and 50 being the least.


- 10th in Dog insurance premium
- 8th in Veterinarians per capita
- 13th in Pet businesses per capita
- 1st in Pet-friendly restaurants per capita
- 49th in Percent of pet-friendly hotels
- 39th in Dog parks per capita
- 34in in Walk score
- 2nd in Animal shelters per capita
- 30th in Pet caretakers per capita

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