BROOKHAVEN, Ga -- An Atlanta family is demanding answers after their beloved family pet died and was left in a field rather than cremated, while they were in Europe on vacation.

“Pasha was our baby,” said Noelle Marozeau. The Great Pyrenees weighed 170 pounds at five years old.

Noelle and husband Philippe were spending the holidays in Switzerland when their neighbor who was dog-sitting called with bad news. Pasha had died on New Year’s Eve.

They contacted Atlanta Wildlife Solutions to bury or cremate the body.

“I called them and Chad answered the phone we can take care of it for a few hundred dollars,” she said. “I said that sounds very high, so he said I’d have to pay $75 for cremation.”

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A few days later they got a call from the Forsyth County Sheriff saying a neighbor had found Pasha’s in a field off Holbrook Road and identified him through his microchip.

“I hired him to remove my pet and cremate it in the most decent way possible,” she said. “They put him the middle of a field like he was trash. That was totally inhumane. I still can’t think about it. I can’t think about going home and not seeing him there.”

Chad Artimovich owns Atlanta Wildlife Solutions. He said he subcontracted the job to a friend because he was in the Atlanta V.A. hospital on New Year’s Eve and didn’t accept any of the $300 payment.

The name on the invoice is King and Son’s Tree Service. Owner Chris King admitted dumping Pasha’s body in the field because he said the landfill was closed and also because he didn’t have $40 to pay the landfill to take Pasha’s body.

Forsyth County Code enforcement cited King for illegal dumping and abandonment of an animal. The Marozeaus think Artimovich should be held accountable as well.

“It is his responsibility,” she said. “It is his name. He was the one who spoke to my husband. He should have made sure that this all went the right way.”

Artimovich admits he failed to tell the family he was subcontracting the job, and also admits he’s been the subject of controversy before. He was arrested about two years ago for dumping two beaver carcasses in the parking of a Cumming Title Max stores.

Both men are apologetic and say they used poor judgment. They both say they never agreed to cremate the dog, though the Marozeaus dispute that.

Pasha’s body was ultimately taken to a Cherokee County landfill which legally disposes of dead animals.