Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everyone is ready to chow down with all members of the family: Aunt Joan, Grandpa Harold, second cousin twice-removed Selina.

But let's not forget out our furry four legged family members: cats and dogs. It may be tempting to feed some scraps to them, but our food -- especially our holiday food -- can cause trouble for their little stomachs.

Check them out below:

With all these rules, it looks like pets are out of the Thanksgiving fun. That's not entirely accurate. The ASPCA suggests some great meals for pets. Small morsels of turkey and a dash of mashed potatoes (should they not have garlic and onion which are toxic to animals) are decadent treats to put on top of their packaged food. Don't allow pets to overindulge on the food they can eat. They can end up with an upset stomach.

Read more about proper Thanksgiving foods for pets on Care2 and ASPCA.