LOS ANGELES -- The man credited as the originator behind action figures such as G.I. Joe has died at age 84, the L.A. Times reports.

Stanley Weston died on May 1 in Los Angeles going down in history as the mind that conceived the idea of the action figure.

The newspaper reports that Weston's idea spread from his fascination with military knowledge, encyclopedias and the idea that there should be a doll-like alternative to Barbie for boys.

Despite being the brain behind the idea, the L.A. Times reports that Weston saw little financial gain from his actual product and only settled a lawsuit with Hasbro the year before his death.

He originally sold the idea to the Rhode Island-based company for $100,000 decades before. It was later turned into the product we all know by company executive Donald Levine. It soon became one of Hasbro's most successful toys.

The Times reports that, years later, he filed the suit that claimed that he "conceived the very idea of manufacturing and selling male action figures" with interchangeable uniforms and equipment. He also claimed that he signed an agreement with Hasbro that rights would return to him and his heirs in 2020. However, that agreement never surfaced.

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