Taking out the trash is easily among the most dreaded parts of living in an apartment community.

There are a few strategies residents use to get that smelly bag of waste from their apartment all the way to the community dumpster, but the nearly unavoidable task needed some innovation--that's what a group of fraternity brothers decided when they began building the startup Tydee.

It's an on-demand trash valet service where customers can request door-side trash pick-ups using their smartphone app.

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"Having the ability to simply sit your trash by the door and have someone else retrieve it is a highly desired and those who have experienced the service swear by it," co-founder Joshua Guilbaud, said.

He said the idea came when one of the co-founders' nose alerted him to the trash on the balcony that he forgot to take out weeks before.

Many luxury apartment communities offer a valet service at a premium price, but the team at Tydee said, they're bringing the service to residents who live in apartment communities who don't offer valet trash. Basically, to anyone with the app.

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"Tydee gives all people the ability to have this luxury service, despite where they live and offers the service at a fraction of the costs," Guilbaud said.

The service centers around their app that's available on the Apple app store and on Google Play. Customers can download the app, schedule a pick-up and leave their trash by their apartment door.

The company was started by three members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., who met through their involvement in the organization. Desmond Mccain works as an accountant at YP Treasurer for the Camp Dream Foundation. Clark Williams manages one of the top performing sales teams at First Data. Joshua Guilbaud is a self-taught developer and has developed marketing strategies for companies like Coke, Apple, Beats By Dre, CA Technologies, Publix and more.

Tydee launched in July and Guilbaud said, this just the beginning phase; more still to come.

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