(WXIA) -- After eating potato chips, you usually have to roll up the end of the bag. Sometimes you also have to clip it.

Scott uses bag clips, but he's intrigued by a new gadget called the Euro Sealer, which claims to create an airtight seal.

"It looks pretty high-tech compared to (clips)," he says.

First, Scott shows off the old-fashioned way he closes opened bags. Then he tries using the product. It seems to use a small heating pad to mold the bag's sides together.

"OK, let's see," Scott says as he takes the product and drags it across the top of the bag, melting the opening closed. "I think it worked."

The sealer comes with an attachment that easily reopens the bag, but Scott isn't impressed.

"I like the good old-fashioned scissors for this," he says.

Scott tests the product on a couple more bags. One of the biggest problems is that it melts through some of them. The seals also aren't completely airtight.

However, Scott doesn't completely write off the product.

"I like it," he says. "Nothing is going to be perfect."

In the end, he gives the Euro Sealer a mixed review.