FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- It was a heated room in Fulton County Monday night with contentious moments as residents took on the county’s chief appraiser.

Dwight Robinson is the man behind the property assessments causing major sticker shock county-wide. Residents challenged the county's chief appraiser during the meeting, at times getting testy.

“I’m speaking for other people! I’m sorry you’re acting like you’re discrediting me because I’m speaking,” said one resident. “Don’t come and tell me that I’m not legit, I have spent my life in my community advocating for people who are poor and disadvantaged more so than I am.”

Residents didn’t waste the chance to tell the Robinson how they really felt about their rapidly rising property taxes, in some cases a 100 percent spike.

“Yes it’s legal but you have a moral right to the people who live in this community,” said another resident.

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The town hall, called by Fulton Chairman John Eaves, is three days ahead of a crucial vote by the assessor’s board. Eaves and Vice-chair Bob Ellis are asking the board to throw out the 2017 property assessments, freezing the 2016 values.

“I think it’s unreasonable for them to be able to expect to pay in such short notice,” Eaves said at the meeting.

But Robinson stood by his assessments Monday.

“After you’re done beating up on me, I hope you turn your attention to those folks who have the job of setting millage rates,” Robinson said. He's pushing back against an assessment freeze, urging residents to file an appeal.

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“Look how many years I’ve been paying taxes, and still paying taxes,” said one 90-year-old resident.

Thursday’s assessor’s board meeting has been moved to the Fulton County Assembly Hall. It’s a bigger space for a larger crowd, but it will be at 12:30 p.m.