ATLANTA -- Are you a millennial in the market for a new job? has released a new list that may have what you're looking for. And it turns out three of the Top 100 are right here in Georgia.

Whether you love the title or hate it, Fortune reports that the "Millennial" generation now makes up the lion's share of the workforce. So who's doing the best job keeping this large segment of the employee market happy?

Well, according to the list, the company doing the best job in Georgia is Aflac - a nationally-known insurance company based in Columbus, Ga. The company came in at 53 on the list.

It's the company's third year of being listed - and Fortune's third time compiling it.

"Competition for the best and brightest minds is always steep, so it is a great advantage to have this validation of our company as a great place for Millennials to consider for a rewarding career," Aflac Chairman and CEO Dan Amos said in a press release.

In excerpts provided by Fortune, employees touted transparency and additional activities associated with work as reasons they rated the company so highly.

Data shows that Aflac employees 1,580 Millennials - about 29 percent of the workforce.

But that wasn't the only company in Georgia to rank on the list.

At 58 was Atlanta-based Arby's Restaurant Group. The company touted its placement as the only fast food restaurant on the list.

"“We’re committed to providing our team members with the best experience possible, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made,” said Paul Brown, chief executive officer of the restaurant group.

The company's family atmosphere and values were given as some of the reasons the company rated so highly.

The company currently employees 19,736 Millenials - 79 percent of its workforce.

The third Georgia-based company on the list may not be quite as well-known as the other two but ranked extremely high on the list nonetheless - and with a lengthy pedigree and a founding date in 1893.

The Atlanta-based Alston & Bird Law Firm was ranked at 61 on the list. Employees attributed this to community involvement and an honest and open atmosphere.

The law firm currently employees 407 Millenials - 26 percent of its workforce.

Meanwhile, the number one place to work in the country turns out to be an information technology company in Weston, Fla. At number one on the list is Ultimate Software which was highly recommended by employees in part due to training opportunities and a culture of acceptance.

The company employees 1,019 Millenials - roughly a third of its total workforce.

To come up with these rankings, Fortune surveyed more than 398,000 U.S. employees at "Great Place to Work" certified companies. Fifty metrics were then compared to those of other generations and then compared demographically to come up with the final rankings.

Surveys were conducted anonymously and Millenials' results achieved at least a 95 percent confidence level, 7 percent margin of error for each organization. The companies were also required to employ at least 50 people in the Millenial age group.