ALBANY, Ga – Georgia’s insurance commissioner says $100 million in damages were wreaked on the state by this past weekend’s deadly storms that ripped through southwest Georgia.

Ralph Hudgens said Albany and Dougherty County suffered $40 million in damage.

“This is the worst damage I’ve seen in a long time,” Hudgens said on Tuesday afternoon. “There’s no other storm to which I can compare this damage.”

Hudgens said damage estimates are likely to go up.

“A lot of storm victims do not have insurance,” he said.

Fifteen people were killed and 43 people were injured after a series of storms moved through southwest Georgia Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, according to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

A massive tornado struck Albany and southwest Georgia on Sunday afternoon, leaving massive damage in its wake.

National Weather Service survey teams are continuing to investigate areas devastated by storms over the weekend to determine the extent of tornado damage. Additional storm reports are expected later in the day on Tuesday.

Weather Service surveyors on Monday said the storm that had plowed through Dougherty County was of at least EF-2 intensity, but they were still investigating damage in that area as well as other counties that were hit, and would have updated information later in the day on Tuesday.

GEMA and other state agencies are working with local and county agencies to help with search and rescue efforts across the areas affected by the storms.