Eight people were hurt after an American Airlines jet caught fire and aborted a take-off at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Friday afternoon, American Airlines officials said via social media.

The FAA tells Chicago TV station WMAQ American flight 383, a Boeing 767, was departing O'Hare en route to Miami when it blew a tire. The jet aborted its takeoff and passengers left the aircraft via chutes.

According to WMAQ, American says the plane had an engine malfunction.

Seven passengers and a flight attendant were hurt in the incident and taken to the hospital for evaluation, American said in a statement.

Flames and dark smoke could be seen from the terminals at O'Hare. WMAQ showed flames coming from the right side of the aircraft, while passengers and crew evacuated from the left-hand side of the aircraft, using inflatable slides.

Amateur video showed that the Boeing 767 temporarily caught fire, sending plumes of black smoke flying behind it.

It's unclear whether the engine malfunction happened before or after the blown tire.

Flight 383 to Miami was aborted at takeoff because of the incident, the FAA said. The agency also said that departures and arrivals were delayed due to the turn of events.

"All passengers on board American flight 383 have been bused back to the terminal," the airline said. "We are taking care of our customers and crew members and are reaccommodating our passengers on another flight to Miami this evening."

Video posted to Twitter by Sean Gumin, who gave USA TODAY permission to post his film, showed flames touching the plane and plumes of black smoke pouring from it. Gumin told USA TODAY he was a passenger on an adjacent plane.

The incident caused O'Hare to shut down a runway, the FAA reported. Passengers were evacuated onto the tarmac via a chute, NBC Chicago reported.

The airline told NBC Chicago that there were 161 passengers and nine crew members on board.

WMAQ Chicago and USA Today contributed to this report.