DALLAS, Ga. – A man shot by police on the Silver Comet Trail Wednesday was holding an air rifle, authorities have confirmed.

Daron Holcombe, 26, remained hospitalized in critical condition at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Thursday, a day after he was shot by a Dallas police officer.

Officers responded to numerous 911 calls just after 2 p.m. about a man on the Silver Comet Trail firing a gun.

'There's a man with a rifle who has already fired a shot sitting in the Rambo nursery trailhead' | (Hear a portion of one 911 call)

After he reportedly refused to comply with officers’ commands, Holcombe allegedly stood up and waved the rifle. Officers shot Holcombe after they said he pointed the rifle at them.

On Thursday, the GBI said that rifle was an air rifle with a replica scope.

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Rebecca Vaughn said she thought the gun was real, but did notice something strange.

“It looked like a little flag stuck in the end of the gun," Vaughn said. “Like one of those flag people use as a marker on the ground.”

Photos | Silver Comet Trail officer-involved shooting investigation

It’s not clear if he still had that flag when he was confronted by the police officers.

“The officers could see the man at a picnic table, it was clear that he had a rifle in his possession,” said Dallas Police Capt. Bill Gorman. “To my knowledge, he made no comments. He started waving the rifle back and forth.”

Holcombe had been arrested for trespassing in Paulding County back in January.

The GBI is handling the investigation, as in standard in cases where a law enforcement officer fires a weapon.