ATLANTA -- Three months after he was sent off with donations from supporters, a lost boy of Sudan who lives in Atlanta has gotten a well drilled in his home village in South Sudan.

Majok Marier works in Atlanta as a plumber, sending all of his money home to his family in South Sudan. He helped found a non profit called Wells for Hope, which drills wells in South Sudan, so people no longer have to make a days walk just to access water.



After receiving a windfall of donations from supporters just before he left for South Sudan, Marier headed to South Sudan to try to make it happen.

Over the weekend, he shared photos of the well that was just drilled in his village of Billing Daldier.

There were difficulties, from travel delays, to currency exchange issues, to the rainy season (the drilling rig got stuck in the mud after completing the well, so it was the last one of the season for that driller), and his daughter contracted malaria. She is doing just fine now.

Marier says his work isn't finished. He is now raising funds for two more wells in neighboring villages. After that he plans to build a health clinic and literacy center.

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