Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed called a press conference to make an "important announcement" from city hall.

He announced that Atlanta now has the highest credit rating the city has had in 50 years by all three reporting agencies.

"I thought it was appropriate after the sale of underground has take a moment, one to share that information with the city of Atlanta," he said.

Jim Beard, the chief financial officer for the city, said the city should hold on to the money for when the city has "hard times."


This is the first time the mayor has spoken publicly since a section of the I-85 bridge collapsed after a fire. 

During the press conference, Mayor Reed answered several questions about the bridge collapse including the skate park found under the same bridge nearby. While he said he does not condone the skate park, he called it creative.

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"Those kinds of things will occur because people are creative and they will use certain parts of the city creatively," Reed said. 

Reed said the most important part about the bridge collapse was the work of the first responders. There were not deaths or serious injuries associated with the collapse.

"The fact that there was no lose of life. Every expert I've talked to really speaks to the quality of the women and men on our first responders team," he said.