The Better Business Bureau has put out a warning to Atlanta businesses about a phishing scam using their name.

Julia Simpson, branch manager at the Winder Park Public Library, trusted her instincts and let her librarian training kick in to help her from being a victim of this national scam.

Simpson received this email claiming that her company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Phishing scam email sent to Manager of Winder Park Public Library. 

"The odd thing about that was that we just concluded doing staff interviews, trying to hire a couple new staff people for the library. My initial reaction was whoa wait a minute what's going on, let me look at this a little bit closer," explained Simpson.

When looking at the email a bit closer she noticed a few things. The biggest discrepancy to Simpson was that the senders name and email did not match. Other things that made her question it was poor grammar, as well as the letter not being addressed to her specifically.

“At that point I decided since it was the BBB, that I should go on their website and report that to them. My first thought that this was some sort of malware or phishing scam because there was a link in there. I knew I was not going to click on that link," said Simpson.

According to Fred Elsberry, President/CEO of the Metro Atlanta BBB, there have only been a handful of reports of Georgia businesses receiving the email. He credits this to early detection from the national BBB office.

The email is written in a way that creates urgency and the need for instant action.

“That sense of urgency, for example in our complaint process we tell the company we have a complaint, they have 10 days to two weeks to respond to that complaint. We would never say that you need to respond to this immediately, you may be in violation of the law. We would never tell people that," said Elsberry.

There is usually a link in the email telling you to click on it to get the explanation of what you are specifically accused of. According to the BBB this gives hackers access to your computer and possibly your personal information.

Whether you come across a questionable email like this, have problems with a company, or want to look into a specific business, contact the Better Business Bureau.