ROSWELL, Ga. -- Members of Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta met with Roswell’s mayor Monday about an alleged case of police brutality.

Shanita Maeberry's jaw was broken during an arrest on Nov. 9. Police say she was pulled over after an officer detected a marijuana odor coming from her car.

Police say she admitted to smoking pot, but then began resisting arrest, punching one of the officers in his face.

According to police, the officer, Jim VanAlstine, then hit her in the face to try to regain control.

RAW VIDEO: Roswell arrest of Shanita Maeberry

Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta claim Maeberry was pulled over without probable cause. They want to see the officer fired and eventually charged.

Philip Holloway, who is representing VanAlstine (and is also an 11Alive legal analyst), issued a statement saying:

Officer VanAlstine regrets that Ms. Maeberry was injured while she was resisting a lawful arrest. That said, the incident would not have occurred if Ms. Maeberry had simply complied with the lawful orders of police and not offered violent resistance by, among other things, striking Officer VanAlstine about his head and face multiple times. Police need not apologize for using lawful force. Police are trained to use whatever force is reasonably necessary to eliminate any bodily threat and that is what happened in this instance and nothing more. I am confident that after the investigation is complete it will be completely clear that there was no violation of law or policy.

Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta is scheduled to hold a protest outside of Roswell City Hall on Monday night.

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