ATLANTA -- Atlanta is no stranger to aircraft but a pair of jets over the city Saturday stirred social media - and lit up the 11Alive phone lines.

Calls and Twitter and Instagram posts alike alerted to the same thing - at least two jets that appeared to be military of some sort flying over the city. Some even included video.

So should I be more afraid of the thunderstorm or these fighter jets circling downtown Atlanta?

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Some one need to let me know why these fighter jets keep circling downtown tho. Mane!

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The jets, their unmistakable engine sound roaring, were a mystery to may.

Even the Atlanta Police Department said they had no reports on the jets at the time. However, it turns out that things weren't quite as worrisome as the Twittersphere first thought.

A Braves reporter's video appears to have solved the mystery - one not so secretive to those who followed the team's schedule.

The video starts with familiar sounds - the final words of the national anthem. The jets make their appearance once again as singers on the ground deliver them: "And the home of the brave."