ATLANTA -- A chessboard is being used to teach life lessons and make sure students in metro Atlanta make the right moves.

Anti-violence activist Orrin “Checkmate” Hudson hopes kids will learn to outthink the competition and stay on a positive track. He wants them to put “brains before bullets” and to think before they make dangerous moves.

The former Airman and Alabama State Trooper developed a love of chess earlier in life thanks to a teacher who took him under his wing.

According to his bio, Hudson was in and out of foster homes and involved in petty crime in his younger years. But the lessons he learned from that teacher and that game helped him turn his life around. Now, he works to pass along those lessons to a new generation.

He said he started "Be Someone" after seven people were shot in the head in a robbery for about $2,000. The goal is to stem crime through teaching a game that is all about choices and strategy.

Hudson was recently awarded the 2016 Community Hero Award from DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis and The Champion Newspaper for his work in the community. Learn more at