For many students and parents across the country the school year is an exciting time, but there is a large population that don’t get that same excitement when entering the classroom. Instead of anticipation about learning new things and making friends, it’s filled with anxiety and worry about not being prepared for the day, the week or the year ahead.

This is because one in five children may not have access to basic school supplies due of their family’s economic circumstances.* This causes students to miss valuable learning opportunities, be less attentive in class and in some instances cause distracted behavior in the classroom. As a result, teachers are increasingly trying to fill this void and spend an average of $500 on supplies for their classrooms every year.

The number one most requested school supply on wish lists each year is paper.

Knowing the need for paper in classrooms, Georgia-Pacific wanted to partner with a non-profit organization that would help to fill this void. The Kids in Need Foundation (KINF) works every day to ensure that every student is equipped with the supplies they need to learn, and so Georgia-Pacific is the National Paper Sponsor of KINF through 2017.

On Wednesday, September 28th, representatives from Georgia-Pacific and KINF sponsored a special, superhero themed teacher shopping day at the Atlanta Kids in Need Resource Center to recognize teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that their students are prepared with the right tools to learn and succeed. The Atlanta Kids in Need Resource Center has been operating in the Atlanta area for 16 years and has provided 1,544,151 pounds of supplies to teachers in that time.

"The Georgia-Pacific Communication Papers brand is really about simplicity, and KINF is an organization that has a strong, simple message to help teachers and students," said Taylor Bandzul, Product Marketing Manager. "Knowing paper is one of the most requested school supplies, this partnership just makes sense and helps us to give back to those that support GP in our local communities.”

A year ago, Georgia-Pacific began donating sponsorship funds and products to help stock KINF's national network of Resource Centers. Teachers in underfunded schools in the Atlanta area may stock their classrooms by “shopping” for supplies at the center twice a year to give their students access to basic materials they couldn't otherwise afford. Studies show having these essentials improves classroom behavior, attitudes toward school and helps boost student’s self-esteem and overall performance.

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