The Atlanta restaurant community is rallying around a local chef who’s in the fight of his life and he’s facing this battle for the second time.

Inside Decatur restaurant No. 246 Jason Fisher is in his element. No matter the noise, the kitchen is where he thrives. The 29-year-old sous chef needs the restaurant now more than ever.

“There are certain parts of the job that are why I you know why I wake up in the morning,” said Jason Fisher, sous chef.

Fisher is facing his second bout with a rare form of cancer that is worse than the time before.

“I like to think my mentality so on and so forth will help along the way.”

Fisher will not fight this fight alone. His boss, Chef Drew Belline, is making sure of it.

“We were just going to throw a few cases of beer in the backyard and stretch some pizzas and have a ping pong tournament and next thing I know we got a bunch of chefs coming in some other chefs are calling to help out,” said Chef Drew Belline, Fisher’s boss.

Now the Ford Fry restaurant family is teaming up with Atlanta’s top chefs for a pot luck fundraiser.

It’s to help Fisher and fiancé Lindsay when treatments keep him from doing what he loves.

“Yeah I’m pretty incredulous, all of the donations that have been made by people I know and don’t know the general sort of way the community has stepped in was unexpected, very humbling so,” said Fisher.

Thousands of dollars have been raised, certainly more is coming after the event on March 26. Fisher’s not planning to hang up his apron anytime soon though, he’s sticking around as long as he can. Fisher and his fiancé Lindsay are planning to get married soon but for now he has this fight ahead of him.

His first treatment was on March 10 and the fundraiser is on March 26. The event is open to the public. For more information organizers have set up a special Facebook page.