LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- A bakery in Lawrenceville that is as much about community and belonging as it is sweet treats is expanding.

The huge following and growing success of Special Kneads and Treats is, in large part, because of its employees - as many of them have special needs.

The bakery posted drone video of its new location on its Facebook page earlier this month where many gathered to form a prayer ring around the building.

Since opening in 2014, the business has garnered quite a following - complete with long lines of patrons. And the people in those lines have quickly learned that what makes this bakery unique are the employees.

Tempa and Mike Kohler opened the bakery for their son, Bradley, who couldn't find anyone to give him a chance to work.

But the Kohlers said their employees are the key to the bakery's success. They are so happy to be there with great attitudes and worth ethic.

We saw that for ourselves when 11Alive spent time with the Special Kneads crew during a profile story in 2014.