COBB CO., Ga – Neighbors say efforts to slow traffic along a busy Cobb County street worked for a while, but a series of accidents has them calling for more action.

Sandy Hurt’s biggest concern are the drivers who’ve come tearing through her yard. She showed 11Alive’s Commuter Dude the tire tracks and damaged property.

“My mailbox has gone down five times,” says Hurt. “A large brick mailbox. I've had cars across my yard. I've replaced my mailbox at least three times.”

Ridge Road is a popular shortcut between South Cobb Drive and Atlanta Road. Even during the rush hour, when there is a steady stream of traffic, Commuter Due Jerry Carnes used the11Alive radar gun to clock several drivers traveling 55-miles-an-hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone.

Several years ago, Cobb County installed signs and reflectors to slow traffic. Neighbors say it seemed to slow traffic for a while.

Part of Ridge Road is in Cobb, part in the city of Smyrna. Commuter Dude reached out to both.
The county and city responded immediately with speed detection devices that often work to slow traffic.

Due to the volume of traffic on Ridge Road, it does not qualify for speed humps.

Cobb County is looking at signs and street markings to see if they need updating. Both Cobb and Smyrna have alerted their police departments to monitor the situation, and write tickets to drivers ignoring the speed limit.