DEKALB CO., Ga – Dark, rainy drives on Clairmont Road used to concern Rick Rogers, but that has all changed.

While Rick Rogers was sleeping, a GDOT contractor added the layer of safety to Clairmont that Rick Rogers has long desired.

“They must have done it in the middle of the night because I don't think anyone noticed anything,” says Rogers. “All of a sudden it appeared.”

Long, and bold, extra striping appeared along the edge of Clairmont Road.

“Sure makes the visibility a lot better, especially at night, especially when it's raining,” says Rogers.

Rogers contacted 11Alive’s Commuter Dude after noticing bold striping along the edge of nearly every state thoroughfare in Dekalb County except the section of Clairmont Road Rogers travels to visit his sister. Stranger yet, Clairmont Road north of I-85 has it, but the area south of the interstate did not, until Rogers called 11Alive.

Commuter Dude contacted the Georgia Department of Transportation. A GDOT spokesperson acknowledged while it is not required, edge striping does enhance safety.

“You did bring this to our attention, and we are eager to meet the community's requests when we can,” says GDOT’s Natalie Dale.

In this case, Roger’s wish was granted inside a couple of weeks.

“We would like to thank the DOT, we want to thank Jerry Carnes and 11Alive for lighting a fire under them to get this all done,”

Now, Rogers would like to see the federal government require edge striping on all major roads.