ATLANTA -- The reopening of the I-85 bridge has eased congestion around metro Atlanta, but it's not enough to convince some drivers that it's time to stop inventing their own rules.

Six weeks of detours and frazzled nerves led some metro Atlanta drivers to block intersections and pass long lines of traffic in the wrong lane.

During the six weeks it took contractors to restore the I-85 bridge, Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes saw frequent driver misbehavior at the I-85 exit ramp to Clairmont Road, and again at the intersection of Buford Highway and Sidney Marcus Boulevard.

Commuter Dude revisited those areas during the first Monday morning rush after the reopening of I-85, and found a few drivers clinging to the same rude behavior.

Traffic on Clairmont Road is much lighter after the reopening of the bridge. During the six weeks of bridge construction, many drivers were exiting the interstate and using Clairmont as a detour. Commuter Dude saw many drivers using a right turn lane on the exit ramp to pass a long line of traffic, only to cut into the line at the last second.

On his Monday morning visit to the area, he saw much less traffic and much fewer drivers passing improperly.

It's the same story at Buford Highway and Sidney Marcus. Drivers continue to use a through lane to pass two lanes of traffic waiting to turn left, only to rudely cut into the line. A few drivers continue to make up their own rules, but not as many.

It is a look at one slice of one morning rush hour, and your experience may be different.