ATLANTA – People living along Wylie Street in southeast Atlanta are eager for the expansion of the Beltline, but construction has left some of them flat.

“It’s going to be awesome,” said Anna Ruth Williams.

The expansion of the Beltline has narrowed Wylie Street considerably. It cost Anna Ruth Williams a tire when she encountered a fast-moving car coming at her.

“I moved over to the right to avoid a collision, and hit the brand new curb,” says Williams.

Williams summoned 11Alive’s Commuter Dude to Wylie Street, where he discovered faded striping, but nothing clear to help drivers distinguish one lane from the other. There were cars traveling in excess of the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit, traveling as if the Wylie had not narrowed. Oncoming drivers were forced to brake and swerve, as Anna Ruth Williams did.

Commuter Dude reached out to the people with the Atlanta Beltline. A spokesperson told 11Alive the project has narrowed Wylie to two, ten foot lanes, which is appropriate for a street where the speed limit is 30 miles-an-hour.

The day after Commuter Dude contacted the Beltline, crews added new striping that is temporary, but clearly distinguishes lanes here.

A mason will round the sharp corners of the curbing, and the Beltline is talking to the city about additional signage to slow drivers when construction crews aren’t on sight to do it. The Beltline will also contact Atlanta police about the drivers traveling in excess of the speed limit along Wylie.

As for Anna Ruth Williams…she plans to ask the city to reimburse her for the cost of replacing her shredded tire.