ATLANTA – Major changes are coming to a stretch of Fairburn Road where frustration has dominated the past several years.

Among the frustrated drivers is Mike Davis, a commuter who is sometimes caught in a long line of traffic stuck at a controversial four-way-stop.

His complaints have reached the ears of the city of Atlanta.

“It's almost like being on a golf course and 300 yards away you see a flag that brings you hope,” says Davis

Davis, who is President of the Camp Creek Business Associations, has sent video and pictures of the congestion at Fairburn Road and Mays Manor to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude. The city of Atlanta has seen the images as well.

“Why does it take the best of your efforts and your platform to get attention to this?” Davis asked.

In 2016, Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes questioned the city of Atlanta about a one-day traffic study that determined the four-way stop "functions properly". Neighbors living off of Fairburn have issues seeing oncoming traffic. The city insists the stopping traffic on Fairburn Road allows them to enter safely.

The answer didn't satisfy commuters, so the city informed us that Department of Public Works would look for money to "possibly" install a signal. That was in July of last year.

When Mike Davis sent 11Alive fresh video of congestion, 11Alive reached out to the city again.

Now 11Alive has learned that the city's $250-million Renew Atlanta project includes major changes for Fairburn Road that include intersection upgrades.

The Mayor's office tells 11Alive the Department of Public Works will "implement sight distance improvements" at the intersection which will allow them to remove the stop signs facing traffic on Fairburn Road and “improve the flow of traffic.”

It's what Michael Davis has wanted for years.

“Obviously very excited,” says Davis.

His excitement is tempered a bit since the changes won't begin until next year.