ATLANTA – A section of Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta is in bad need of repair, and one man says it’s making it difficult to go to the bus stop.

“I'm afraid I'm gone fall in the hole,” says Tony Evans.

Evans contacted 11Alive’s Commuter Dude about a sinking section of Campbellton that has grown from a water leak into a small pond. On a rainy day, we found a deep depression in the asphalt filled to the brim with water.

“It's cracking and crumbling,” says Evans of the depression right in front of a MARTA bus stop. “One bus driver said she's afraid to drive across there.”

Tony Evans tells us he first noticed the leaking and the sinking last November. The city responded with metal plates.

Commuter Dude contacted Atlanta’s Department of Watershead Management. Watershed’s Maher Abed tells us crews are struggling to keep up with a backlog of water and sewer issues and much needed repairs. Atlanta’s growth, according to city leaders, has put added strain on an aging system, and crews that are stretched thin.

“We're using contractors to help access the backlog,” says Abed. “We're also using contract resources to augment our workforce to deal with those backlog projects. We're optimistic we'll catch up.”

Just days after Commuter Dude reported the issue to the city, crews arrive to fill the deepest hole with asphalt. The metal plates and issues beneath the roadway remain. A spokesperson for Watershed says it may take extensive work to deal with the underlying problem.

It is progress on an issue that has worried Tony Evans for months.