COBB CO, Ga – Cobb County is the latest jurisdiction in Georgia to join a movement that could be the WAZE of the future.

WAZE is the popular smartphone app that uses driver information to inform others of traffic jams, construction, road closures, and other commuter issues.

Cobb County is the seventh jurisdiction in Georgia to partner with WAZE to enhance driver knowledge as they attempt to navigate congestion.

“It’s a constant communication,” Cobb DOT director Jim Wilgus says of the partnership with WAZE. “If we have a closure, it stays out there until the closure is lifted off.”

When drivers inform WAZE of a traffic issue, the app notifies others using the app, and suggests alternate routes. But if there is, for example, a construction project causing congestion, drivers have to notify WAZE every day, or the information goes away.

The partnership will allow Cobb County to notify WAZE how long a construction project will last, when it ends, and any changes.

Information will go in both directions. WAZE will notify Cobb County if the app notices, for example, congestion at a particular traffic signal on a daily basis at the same hour each day. Cobb can react and make adjustments.

“As we plan and look at our signals, and our system, we can make adjustments and plan for future projects,” says Wilgus.

The partnership is free.

So far, GDOT, Bartow County, the city of Atlanta, Johns Creek, the city of West Jackson, GEMA, and now Cobb County have formed partnerships with WAZE.