DEKALB CO., Ga – Some commuters are wondering why several busy roadways around metro Atlanta are lined with a helpful safety feature, but others are not.

“I don't know if they just forgot about it,” says Rick Rogers of a section of Clairmont Road he travels frequently.

One section of Clairmont Road, the area north of I-85, has a bold white stripe along the edge. The area of Clairmont Rogers travels does not.

“I said, they're going to get around to putting the edge lines on,” said Rogers. “I understand they're designed for safety, especially in dark and rainy conditions.”

Years of driving at night, sometimes in the rain, alerted Rogers to the lack of edge striping along the stretch of Clairmont.

You see it along other nearby streets with traffic similar to Clairmont, like LaVista Road and North Druid Hills Road. A thick, white stripe lets travelers know when they're drifting toward the edge of the road.

Rick Rogers believes it's important in the section of Clairmont he travels to visit family.

“You've got light poles, you've got mailboxes, signs, a lot of them within a foot from the edge of the road,” said Rogers.

Since Clairmont Road is maintained by the state, 11Alive’s Commuter Dude reached out to GDOT. GDOT’s Natalie Dale says the section of Road has never had edge striping.

“We don't believe this section of Clairmont to be unsafe,” said Dale.

Still, at Commuter Dude’s request, GDOT has agreed to consider striping. The agency isn't ready to commit.

“Nothing would really prevent us from putting it there,” said Dale. “We will look at things like, will it increase safety? Will it make the road too narrow?”

Rick Rogers believes after many many years of service, Clairmont road has earned its stripes.