DOUGLAS CO, Ga – Drivers would like the Georgia Department of Transportation to make changes at an intersection where traffic oncoming traffic can, at times, seem to appear out of nowhere.

John Rabacs contacted 11Alive about the intersection of Midway Road and Fairburn Road in Douglas County. Traveling south on Midway, Rabacs and others encounter commuters on the other side of Fairburn Road who are coming up a hill. Rabacs says it’s resulted in close calls.

“You can't see up that hill, can't see if someone is coming across,” says Rabacs. “I've had it where I've hit my brakes and they've skidded a bit.”

Rabacs says the issue is trying to find a safe gap in traffic to turn left on Fairburn without a designated left turn lane and arrow.

“They're flying so fast trying to get across Fairburn Road to the other side of Midway, you really can't see them until the last second,” says Rabacs.

You may remember John Rabacs as the commuter who contacted 11Alive about the deteriorating condition of I-20 on the west side of town. GDOT responded with fresh asphalt.

This time, Rabacs wants a turn arrow to protect drivers turning left onto Fairburn from Midway

GDOT has agreed to study traffic patterns and crash data to determine if the change is warranted.