LITHONIA, Ga – Despite changes at a Dekalb County intersection, commuters say more is needed to stop the accidents that continue to happen.

Marcella Law isn’t shy about voicing her concerns.

“Sometimes I'll even put my hazard lights on cause I'm not sure if somebody's going to pull in front of me,” says Law.

The area around the intersection of Pleasant Hill Drive and Norris Lake Drive is littered with the reminders of recent accidents. There is a crumpled fence and metal poles that are bent and broken.

“It's very hard to know when you're looking down the street just how fast someone is driving,” says Law of efforts to enter Pleasant Hill from Norris Lake Drive or Humphries Road. “You do your best but it's hard to know.”

It was Marcella Law who reached out to us earlier this year about the intersection. Dekalb County asked the Georgia Department of Transportation to trim some vegetation to help drivers see each other.

The county pointed to a 2014 study of the intersection that revealed 17 accidents over a three year period. Dekalb determined it was not enough to warrant a traffic light at the intersection.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude asked for more current numbers. Data supplied by the Georgia Department of Transportation reveals that since the 2014 study, there have been 48 accidents at the intersection with 47 injuries.

It's enough to convince Dekalb County to take another look.

Once school is back in session, the county will look at traffic counts and updated accident numbers to determine if the intersection now qualifies for a traffic signal.

“The only solution is a traffic light,” says Marcella Law. “I would like for them to say we're going to take a look and we're going to do something about it.”

She wants something to heal the wounds at an intersection she does her best to avoid.