ATLANTA – Atlanta's cycling community is upset after a gaping hole on Mt. Paran Road led to some serious injuries for one cyclist.

"It shouldn't have been there," said cyclist Lee Gentry. "No excuse for leaving a hole like that."

It was cyclist Joe Wilson who notified Commuter Dude about the hole that appeared to be the result of utility work. Some cyclists say at one time, the hole was covered by a metal plate. It was uncovered, however, when Joe Wilson rode up on it on his bike.

"My mind was, wow, that's a big pothole and I don't want to go down and get hit," said Wilson.

Gentry was on a ride with numerous cyclists when the group came up on the uncovered hole one evening. Gentry was able to avoid it, but several others fell. One cyclists was taken to the hospital suffering from a concussion, broken ribs, and a broken collarbone.

"Should have been covered or filled with gravel or dirt or something," said Gentry. "You can't leave a hole like that."

When Commuter Dude saw drivers swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid the hole, he informed the city of Atlanta that it was a situation that needed immediate attention. Commuter Dude remained on the scene to greet the crew from Watershed Management. They filled the hole with concrete and re-covered it with a metal plate.

A crew will have to return to cover the spot with asphalt once the concrete has dried.

Commuter Dude is still trying to find out what led to the hole being uncovered the evening of the bike accident.